Aaron Pill murder trial; Coggin moved dying man to escape

AS Aaron Pill lay dying in a pool of blood, one of the men accused of murdering him moved him out the way so he could get out through the front door, Truro Crown Court has heard.

Kane Coggin is jointly charged with Liam Bastow of murdering Mr Pill at his home in Tresawle Road, Falmouth on May 4 this year.

Coggin, 27, of Meadowbank, Mylor Bridge and Liam Bastow, 24, of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge have admitted manslaughter but deny murder. They are currently on trial at Truro Crown Court.

Under questioning from defence barrister Richard Lloyd Smith QC, Coggin said that he couldn’t remember if he had told Mr Pill to stay down as the stabbed man cried that he was bleeding out.

He also denied he had prevented Mr Pill from attempting to open the front door by holding it shut on two occasions. He said he didn’t know whether Mr Pill was trying to get out for help.

However, he admitted moving Mr Pill so he could get out of the door when he left the house. Despite knowing Mr Pill was seriously injured, he did not get him any help “because he was scared”, he said.

He claimed the stabbing was an accident and the original plan had been to use the knife they took to scare Mr Pill during a robbery.

Questioning him about the attack Mr Lloyd Smith asked: “Why did you come through the door with knife raised and arm outstretched if the plan was to scare him? What had you planned?”

Coggin replied: “I knock on the door and Liam Bastow wait up the path little bit. He would come in we’d get the stuff, and we’ll go.”

When asked why he attacked Mr Pill as soon as he’d opened the door if the plan was just to scare him, Coggin replied: “I can’t remember, it was all too quick,” adding “I was trying to get free. I thought my hand with the knife was being pulled. He just grabbed my arm.”

He said he did not know why there were defence cuts on Mr Pill’s hand.

“Can’t say 100 per cent. I was trying to keep it [the knife] away from him,” he said.

When asked if he had lashed out and stabbed Mr Pill he replied: “No I didn’t.”

After the attack, his mother came and picked them up. They drove back to Mylor Bridge and dropped Bastow off before returning to pick up Coggin’s clothes he had dumped in the dog waste bin. He said he later burnt all the clothes in the fireplace including his trainers.

He claimed there was no discussion between him and his mum despite the fact she had taken him to Falmouth fully clothed but, when she returned, he was in shorts and T-shirt.

He also said his mum did not say anything when he picked up his original clothes which were covered in blood.

He said afterwards: “I was feeling horrible. I wish I’d stayed there and helped him or at least called an ambulance.”

He said he thought Mr Pill was still alive.

The trial continues.

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