Car flipped on roof on A39 by-pass Penryn

THE driver of a car which flipped onto its roof at the weekend after hitting black ice on the Penryn by-pass says she walked away with only a scratch after the accident.

Mum of three Samantha-Jade Thomas, 29, says she wasn’t going at any speed when she hit black ice on the A39 on Saturday afternoon and lost control of her car.

“I wasn’t going at any speed,” she said. “I was doing 40 if not less (as I thought that was still the limit there) I went to close to the inside line, hit black ice, turned the steering wheel a bit too hard, lost total control then ended up going up the muddy bank and rolling the car. Countless people had complained that day that the roads were icy

“Luckily I am fine and I walked away with a scratch on my arm.” She added: “In this case I was able to walk away and contact my family myself.”

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She said: “I managed to climb out the window. I wasn’t speeding I was doing 40 I hit black ice, panicked and turned the steering wheel too hard swerved a few times and lost control of the car, went up the muddy bank and rolled… loads of people reported that the road was icy that morning and no grit on the road.

She said she was stood outside the car when a man got out his car and took the photo which was used by The Packet. She said she understood why it was used after some commentators on the Packet Facebook page questioned it use on the Packet website saying it was insensitive.

“If one person looked and thought ‘Ah I don’t really need to go out today’ then a little good has come from my accident.”

Commenting Mark Lewis said: “Glad you are safe and well but using real pictures in Cornwall shows people what can really happen. And police have done this for years to raise awareness inc sadly deaths.

“If one person sees your car and thinks maybe I shall take it careful or maybe they might not need to be going to the shop or anything maybe that could send a message home and save a life. I don’t see any harm in that.”

Unfortunately the car, which she called the Pug, will probably have to be written-off.

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