Falmouth beach visitors during Covid lockdown

Devon and Cornwall Police have highlighted what rules to follow during lockdown after 250 Covid breaches yesterday in the space of eight and a half hours.

In Falmouth today people have been criticised for travelling to the port to visit the beaches during lockdown and filling the town’s sea front car parks.

Posting a picture on Twitter, Falmouth resident Scott Thompson tweeted:

“So if you don’t live near the beach why drive here to be near people that live near the beach it’s probably the same gits that moan that people are floating [flouting] the law”

Falmouth town councillor Jayne Kirkham also pointed out that Glly Beach Cafe was as busy as ever.

Posting on Twitter she said:

“Gylly beach takeaway was absolutely heaving today, the coastpath 2 maenporth was the busiest I’ve ever seen it (despite being January) and the cars on the coast road were constant. As CornwallCouncil say, rates in parts of Falmouth increased by 400% a week ago. Please stay at home.”

Covid infractions have been happening across the country with travellers today being criticised for travelling to Dartmoor.

Up country in Derbyshire two women were fined for breaching Covid rules after driving five miles for a walk in a national park. Home secretary Priti Patel today endorsed the police actions.

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To save confusion Devon and Cornwall Police have updated the rules on their website outlining nearly every aspect of the third lockdown rules in a question and answer format.

The exhaustive set of rules can be read here.

Meanwhile Cornwall Council has ramped up its stay at home message after another steep rise in Covid infections.

Summary: what you can and cannot do during the national lockdown

You must stay at home. The single most important action we can all take is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

You should follow this guidance immediately. This is the law.

Leaving home

You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You may leave the home to:

Shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person

Go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home

Exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.

Meet your support bubble or childcare bubble where necessary, but only if you are legally permitted to form one

Seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse)

Attend education or childcare – for those eligible

If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay local – unless it is necessary to go further, for example to go to work. Stay local means stay in the village, town, or part of the city where you live.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable you should only go out for medical appointments, exercise or if it is essential. You should not attend work

Meeting others

You cannot leave your home to meet socially with anyone you do not live with or are not in a support bubble with (if you are legally permitted to form one).

You may exercise on your own, with one other person, or with your household or support bubble. This should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.

You cannot meet other people you do not live with, or have not formed a support bubble with, unless for a permitted reason.

Stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household.

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