Falmouth Packet: 25 years ago looking back

The warden of Swanpool thought the worst when he was helping to clean up the area. Was it a torso or a human head her he had raked up from the muddy depths? It had the right shape and opening the bag it was in was nerve wracking.

It was while sitting in the back of a small rowing boat taking rubbish and debris from the reed beds that Tony Cartwright caught hold of what he thought was hold all with the apparent outline of a head inside.

“I thought it could well have been something like that,” said Mr Cartwright who opened the bag to find what he described as a ‘burglar’s toolkit’. There was a jemmy, two walkie talkies, pliers, screw drivers and two burners.

It was packed in a ball of polystyrene which gave it a human head shape.

Justice for boy vandal

A-ten-year-old boy learned the meaning of poetic justice this week, after spending over two hours scrubbing graffiti from the memorial in Falmouth’s Grove Place.

The boy was caught defacing the Killigrew Memorial on Sunday with silver spray paint. He left it sporting foot high letters. He was handed over to the police who opted for a punishment to suit the crime.

PC Tony Hancock said: “We thought rather than just sitting him down and speaking to him, and letting him think he was getting away with it, we could arrange something else.”

PC Hancock contacted Carrick Council, his superiors and the boy’s mother and all agreed to his plan. The boy was taken back to the memorial on Tuesday morning a began scrubbing.

“It seemed appropriate action,” said PC Hancock. “I supervised him and then his mother took over for the rest of the time.

“It took him two and a half hours and by the time he was finished he was knackered. When he was leaving he said he will not do it again so hopefully it made the right impression on him.”

Princess Diana’s visit off after divorce announcement

The proposed visit of the Princess of Wales in Falmouth in July was expected to be officially cancelled soon.

She was due to attend the recommissioning of HMS Cornwall, the county adopted ship which she first commissioned some years ago.

Sources close to the Royal Family said that the proposed divorce from Prince Charles meant she was cancelling many of her engagements.

One said: “You can more or less say she will not be coming.”

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