Falmouth Town Council takeover of Princess Pavilion backed by MP

Falmouth’s MP has given her backing to a community takeover of the stricken Princess Pavilion after announcing she has taken up the issue with the leader of Cornwall Council.

Cherilyn Mackrory has put out a statement this evening to say she was becoming “increasingly concerned” over the future of the pavilion and the adjoining Gyllyngdune Gardens.

She said ongoing discussions were taking place between Falmouth Town Council and Cornwall Council over the possibility of the town taking over the venue and said: “In my opinion this would be the best solution.”

The Packet has contacted the town council for comment.

Ms Mackrory revealed she had also written to the leader of Cornwall Council Julian German today, outlining her concerns and pressing for a solution to be found so that the pavilion and the gardens could be re-opened a soon as possible.


She said: “It is a sad time for the town, with the future of the pavilion currently uncertain. The venue remains empty and the gardens closed. A great shame.

“The Princess Pavilions is an iconic venue in Falmouth. A placed loved by so many.

“In a statement released by Cornwall Council and GLL recently, it was confirmed that the site ‘will remain closed’ and is ‘likely’ to re-open next spring. However, this does not fill me or residents in Falmouth with confidence.

“The Princess Pavilion remains closed until it ‘becomes viable to re-open’ it. I strongly believe that the pavilion and gardens could be viable if ran by a committed, local organisation. An important local asset, ran locally.”

Ms Mackrory went to add that she was “conscious of time constraints” and that the building and gardens “continue to be neglected.”

“I am keen that the future of the Princess Pavilions is resolved as soon as possible.

“If Falmouth Town Council are to take on the pavilion, they will need as much time as possible to make the necessary arrangements for its re-opening. To make this happen, Cornwall Council need to step up and agree to what is being proposed.

” have written to the Leader of the Council, reminding him of the importance of this asset in Falmouth and asking him to expedite the decision process.

“In the meantime, I have asked if Gyllyngdune Gardens can be re-opened to the public. Falmouth Town Council have kindly agreed to maintain and oversee the gardens while a strategic decision about the site is made.

“I am committed to securing the future of the Princess Pavilion and to getting it re-opened as soon as possible.”

A Friends of Princess Pavilion group has also been formed to look into the possibility of a community takeover of the site.

In a joint statement last week, GLL and Cornwall Council said: “We can confirm that the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth will remain closed until it becomes viable to re-open the theatre and restaurant. This is likely to be next spring.

“We fully understand how important the venue is to the local community and can confirm we are actively looking at every option to secure its long-term future.”

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