Falmouth university student homes at Penwerris noise complaint

Neighbours of new student housing in Falmouth have said it “completely changes the character” of the area after they faced an evening of late night noise only days after students moved in.

The 134-bed student accommodation known as The Quarry, on the former Coachworks site, has already caused the residents of Penwerris Lane more than 18 months of misery during its construction due to contractors going beyond the permitted working hours, which led to Cornwall Council stepping in to issue a breach of condition notice.

Now the residents say, just days after moving in, a large group of “at least 30 to 40 students” were partying late into the evening last Tuesday, outside and with the accommodation doors open.

One residents contacted the Packet to say: “There was a student party with at least 30 to 40 closely packed students, no regard for social distancing whatsoever, in the ground floor lobby/ common room/ bike area at the bottom of our garden with loud noise all evening until it was finally dispersed by a security guard at about 11.10pm.

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“At 12.55am groups of tottering, drunk, smoking students were still making a racket out the front.

“This completely changes the character of this otherwise quiet residential area.”

She added that because the flats have been built in a former quarry, the noise “just echoes around the whole neighbourhood.”

Shortly before the students moved in, residents in the surrounding area received a letter from the new management company CRM Students, which has already managed The Sidings student accommodation in Penryn for the last eight years.

It stated that The Quarry, as with all student housing schemes managed by CRM Students, has a security call centre accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, which will direct any issues to the night manager on site to resolve.

The letter states: “They will be responsible for dealing with any noise and anti-social behaviour and responding to alarms and other difficulties.”

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It goes on to add: “We understand that this is an uncertain and anxious time for some residents but we wish to reassure you that we have extensive experience managing purpose built student accommodation and will do our upmost to ensure a smooth transition into student occupation.”

The letter also gives details about a one-way system being put in place as students moved in over the weekend and the start of last week, with check-in time slots – something the resident said was “relatively well managed” – and also states that students living at The Quarry have been told not to bring a car onto the site and will be in breach of their tenancy agreement in doing so.

The resident added: “It just very ironic that having received that letter on the Saturday, that then happened.”

CRM Students did not want to comment when contacted by the Packet.

A spokesperson for Falmouth University said: “Students are required and expected to adhere to government laws and guidelines on Covid-19. 

“The university is, and remains, in regular contact with all students and staff to relay the latest government information and remind them of the necessity to follow these rules fully. 

“The university, police and local authorities are sharing information and coordinating their response based on any reports received.”

The Packet has also contacted the Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union by email but received no response.

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