Former main road is now a a green and pleasant walker’s paradise

What happens to a major road when it’s no longer a major road?

Whether it’s the changes at Victoria to bypass the notorious Goss Moor railway bridge (once the scene of many incidents involving lorries striking the bridge) or what’s yet to come when the new dual carriageway between Carland Cross roundabout and Chiverton Cross is created, every so often a whole new road is built to replace an old one.

Dobwalls in South East Cornwall saw a new road revolution in 2008 after a campaign going as far back as the 1960s led to the end of the A38 traffic from going through the small village.

New roads were built to remove the traffic from the village and to bypass the low railway bridge, known as Liskeard Road Bridge, with the new A390 built on top of the railway.

Where some former main roads now lead to nowhere or are just left to decay, the stretches of the former A38 and A390 that were bypassed were given a new lease of life as footpaths and cycle routes.

While some evidence still exists of their former life with the occasional road marking and sign still in place, where once cars and vehicles thundered by, now their noise is distant, while pedestrians, dog walkers and cyclists can enjoy the former road at a more gentle pace away from the traffic as they venture through the swathes of plants that now take its place.

Cornwall Live