Free food in Cornwall at St Mary’s Church, Penzance

A CHURCH in Penzance wants to spread the word that it has free food to give away to people who are struggling during the lockdown.

St Mary’s Church, in Chapel Street, is open to from 10am to 12 noon Monday to Saturday for people who might be finding it difficult to manage during the current crisis. The church is even hoping to be able to give away Christmas hampers for the festive season and is asking for donations.

Rev Sian Yates said the food was available to all and people could just turn up and choose a bag of groceries, no questions asked.

“We are wanting people to know that there is free food available, ” said Rev Yates. “There are people who don’t qualify for food banks for all sorts of things, being on a contract where you’re wage has temporarily gone down to zero or they have been put on furlough and they just need that extra help. Just come and find something.

People from all parts of the community have been donating goods to the church as well as the congregation and have been since March. People are welcome to come and help themselves to a carrier bag and choose what they want.

“The food comes from the congregation and wider,” said Rev Yates. “Those of us lucky enough to have jobs are clearly grateful for that and our giving to our appeal. The response has been really great. Really pleased for those that are prepared to give.

“We are looking for some festive food for December. We are hoping we might be able to do some Christmas hamper because it would be nice to have extra niceties because it is good to think that we live in a compassionate world where people irrespective of whether they are in work or not.”

Anyone who has any donations they want to give should just bring them to the church.

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