Funeral details for Sticky in Falmouth with procession to Moor

The family of Sticky O’Rourke who died two weeks ago have invited people to watch as a horse-drawn hearse brings him through Falmouth one last time.

Sticky, whose real name is Terry Powell, died on Monday, August 24 and his funeral will take place this Thursday.

His sister Tanya said that before the service a horse-drawn hearse will bring him from his mother’s home in Grenville Road down Dracaena Avenue and past Kimberley Park to The Moor.

She said it was hoped that the procession might be able stop there at his ‘spot’ there before swapping to a driven hearse to go onwards to Truro’s Penmount Crematorium, where there will be a “vibrant” service tailored to his character, said Tanya.

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The cortege is leaving Grenville Road at 10am and is expected to arrive at The Moor between 10.15am and 10.30am.

Tanya said: “I think there will be quite a lot of people there.”

Sticky was a character known to a huge number of people both in Falmouth and Truro, where he has also lived.

At one point he was known by an extended version of his name, going by Sticky Squidget Mushroom Midget O’Really O’Reilly O’Rourke, but in latter years has simply gone by ‘Sticky’.

He split opinion through his life, having spent time in prison, but with a tribute page in his memory also receiving 750 comments after his death.

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