Hooked on the Rocks, Falmouth Michelin Guide

THE head chef of a popular seafood restaurant only found out that it had been included in the 2021 world-renowned Michelin guide UK when his friend texted him to tell him he was in it.

George Morgan, head chef and manager at Hooked on the Rocks on Swanpool Beach, said it was a “massive surprise” when he was told that the restaurant had been included in the internationally renowned guide to cuisine.

“It’s absolutely insane,” he said. “It was a massive surprise as well. The Michelin guide is released in January and they have a big ceremony ordinarily to attend and call out the names of all the new Michelin star places and all the places that have been mentioned but obviously it was online this year.

“My friend texted me and said do you realise you are in The Michelin Guide and that’s how I found out. We did get an email from them saying that we were invited to the ceremony but we missed it because it was sent to the office and we hadn’t been in work so we missed that.”

He added: “I was shaking. I couldn’t quite believe it. I knew they tweeted at the beginning of the year and there was an Instagram post that they’d been so we knew we were on the radar, but didn’t expect to get in the guide at all. We have never like tried to get in we have just done what we’ve done and just got there kind of naturally.”

The entry into the prestigious guide, which includes the top restaurants and chefs from around the UK, says about Hooked on the Rocks in its entry.

“The clue’s in the name: it’s all about seafood at this spacious bistro by Swanpool Beach. It’s a pleasingly laid-back place with several terraces and great views. Much of the shellfish comes from the bay and crab and lobster are cooked to order. Don’t miss the scallops with seaweed butter and hazelnuts.”

George, 30 had his first job as a chef when he was just 14 in his village pub carvery. After finishing college he had his first job at the Old Coastguard in Mousehole for two to three years before moving to work in London. He took over at Hooked three years ago.

“I can’t sit here and say it was all me,” he said. “It was the entire team. I’ve got a brigade of about seven or eight chefs and everyone part of it as much as I am and it is everyone’s reward to enjoy.

“Because we are officially in the guide now they have a book which they release and people can buy or, if people type in Michelin recommended restaurants in Falmouth, we will come up. We get a Michelin plate to put in the window. It’s a stamp of quality it will increase business.”

“Jack Frame is the sous chef he is like a massive part of it, my right hand man. You can only be as good as everyone else. I can put all the intricacies on but I’ll only ever be as good as those guys.”

Falmouth Packet:

The team with celebrity chef Rosemary Shraegar at the restaurant last year. Picture Hooked on the Rocks/ Instagram

He said he wanted thank the other chefs Valerio, Oscar, Isaac, Adam and front of house team.

He says as soon as lockdown is lifted they are planning to reopen pretty much straight away but as the lockdown has been extended they might look at doing some sort of takeaway.

“For such a hard year, which last year was, and the inconsistency and the uncertainty of whether or not we’d be able to run and open, a massive thank you for their dedication and their hard work and wanting to be part of it as well. Because a huge part of it is the passion and wanting that product to be excellent and delivering that day in day out.

“You’re there in August from half eight in the morning to midnight. Sending out main courses at ten thirty at night. To keep the guys motivated and wanting to do that, it’s hard work and can be unsociable at time.”Just a huge thank you for their absolute dedication. For being happy and keeping themselves motivated and me motivated wanting to be better which is a huge part of it.”

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