LIVE: Hundreds of properties without power across Devon Cornwall

Hundreds of homes have been left without power in Devon and Cornwall this evening. There have been reports of power cuts across large areas of Cornwall this evening (Monday 7 November) which has left nearly 300 properties without power. A local weather group, Kernow Weather Team, also updated followers of another area that is affected.

The National Grid flagged the power cut and said it is due to a ‘high voltage’ which means it is currently affecting a large area. It is estimated the problem will be resolved by 8:30pm.

At around 7pm, it was reported there were 224 properties without power in Eastern Cornwall

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The National Grid incident reported the postcodes affected include: PL22 0NG, PL22 0PZ, PL22 0PT, PL22 0QB, PL22 0QE, PL22 0PA, PL22 0NT, PL22 0QN, PL22 0NS, PL22 0PY, PL22 0QA, PL22 0PF, PL22 0NR, PL22 0QD, PL22 0QG, PL22 0QQ, PL22 0PB, PL22 0PU, PL22 0NW, PL22 0NU, PL22 0NZ, PL22 0PG, PL22 0QH, PL22 0PX, PL22 0NX, PL22 0QP, PL22 0QF, PL22 0NP.

And 166 homes are without power near Mullion.

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