Lollipop person jobs in Falmouth for Killigrew Street and Mongleath

A Falmouth town councillor has put out an appeal in the hopes of finding a local lollipop person.

The appeal has been made after parents contacted the councillor Emily Seiler, for the Arwenack ward, with concerns about the crossing on Killigrew Street.

She said that Cormac, the people recruiting the position, have struggled to fill the roles available in the town, and that this is the case for a number of lollipop positions across the county.

Cllr Seiler told the Packet: “Walking safely to school will become increasingly difficult as funding as SCPs (school crossing patrols) are cut or we struggle to recruit for the positions.

“In recent years the crossing on Dracaena Avenue and Albany Roads have had funding cut, and it is only through community efforts to partially fund it, that the position on Albany Road has been kept – ensuring safe passage for King Charles Primary School pupils.

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“Last year, Angie, who monitored the crossing on the top of Killigrew Street retired, and although the position still exists, Cormac have said they are struggling to recruit for it.

“Further investigation showed that there are many empty positions across the county, including on Mongleath Road (St Mary’s Catholic Primary) which remain unfilled, and we fear the roles are very likely to be cut if left empty for any period of time.

“Please can a sociable and reliable person, who would consider taking over the Killigrew Street or Mongleath Avenue crossings, get in touch through the to ensure that pupils can continue to cross these busy roads safely.”

For more information on the role, or to apply, visit:

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