‘NHS worker’ Shelley Tasker resigns over Covid lockdown in Cornwall

A woman claiming to be a healthcare worker publicly resigning from the NHS over the second lockdown has been accused by the trust she would have worked for of “spreading lies” and putting people’s lives at risk.

Shelley Tasker, a 43-year-old part time photographer from Camborne who is also said to be former healthcare assistant at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, resigned in front of a small crowd of fellow anti-lockdown protestors and bemused passers-by in front of Truro Cathedral on Wednesday, at a “Cornwall Freedom Rally”. The video was then posted on Facebook.

In it she claimed that at the height of the “plandemic” she had no work for three weeks and that as of the previous Friday there were just three people in Covid ward.

She said the NHS has shut down for no reason and therefore she was publicly resigning.

On Thursday this week the boss of Cornwall’s hospitals said that, on that day (November 5), there were seven coronavirus patients in the Royal Cornwall Hospital, with three in intensive care.


The term ‘plandemic’ is frequently used in relation to conspiracy theories that the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax or deliberately planned outbreak.

Shelley’s claims were condemned by a spokesperson for Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, who praised the public’s “incredible support” and accused her of spreading lies.

The spokesperson said: “We’re in the middle of a once in a lifetime pandemic and it is unacceptable for anybody to spread lies which could be harmful to people’s health, let alone from somebody in a respected position.

“The public’s incredible support for the NHS played a major role in helping us handle the first wave of coronavirus, and as we face a potential second wave, it is absolutely vital our staff and the public follow the latest public health guidance to help keep us all safe.”

In the video Ms Tasker says: “Today, I’m publicly resigning. I am wearing this uniform sadly for the last time.

“I absolutely loved my job. Those of you who have been following what’s going on, we’ve done tasks, we’ve organised protests, I’ve had a lot of flak.”


She admits that she took a screenshot showing figures of how many people were in the hospital with Covid and posting it online – a breach of confidentiality and an act of gross misconduct in many organisations.

“I did something really bad,” she admitted. “I took a screenshot on Friday that showed the figures of how many people are in Treliske hospital with Covid and screenshot it.

“It still should be public information. But I have decided there is no point. I have shared confidential information people need to see.”

She claims lots of doctors and nurses have “come forward”, but she is the only one brave enough to speak out, and that the NHS is run by a “corrupt government and the other people running this country.”

She also claims that 94 per cent of PCR tests for “diagnosting” (sic) the disease come back as false positive. The British Medical Journal recently published figures by the British Medical Association saying the tests had a false negativity rate of between two per cent and 29 per cent.

Shelley calls on people not to watch the “corrupt” mainstream media, which she claims is run by the World Health Organisation and “big countries”.

She also alludes to a conspiracy theory that Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants to use coronavirus vaccines to implant tracking devices in people.

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