Police in Devon and Cornwall England vs France no excuse

Police in Devon and Cornwall have warned members of the public of the consequences of drinking too much during this year’s World Cup. 

Devon & Cornwall Police are warning people of the consequences of drinking too much as we approach the start of Christmas party season, and England’s quarter-final match versus France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Chief Inspector Julian Pezzani said: “With this being the first ‘winter’ World Cup, from a policing point of view this event has been far less demanding on our resources compared to previous summer tournaments that have great weather and fan zones.

“That said, plans are in place and we do expect a busier night across our towns and cities as this Saturday as we see the start of Christmas party season within bars and restaurants across the region, plus England’s crunch World Cup match kicking off at 7pm.

“We just want to remind people that alcohol is not an excuse, and we will be taking a robust stance in dealing with any perpetrators of anti-social behaviour. Drink-related anti-social behaviour isn’t acceptable, and we will be clamping down on this.”

Police Licensing teams are working closely with partner agencies, bars, pubs and social clubs to make them aware of their responsibilities and to encourage people to drink responsibly, no matter what occasion they are out enjoying.

Ch Insp Pezzani added: “It is also important to remind those who have had a drink to leave the car at home and get a bus or a taxi; Many still do not realise how long it takes for alcohol to be out of your system.

“A few coffees and some food the following morning isn’t the answer, the only solution is time; it can easily take until the afternoon following a nights drinking before alcohol is fully out of your system.

“Please don’t drink and drive as you could lose your licence, your job or even take a life – it’s simply not worth the risk.”

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