Police in Helston Meneage Street as naked man assaults shop staff

Police are dealing with an incident in Helston town centre this evening after a man took off his clothes and assaulted shop staff. 

Falmouth and Helston Police have said they are are dealing with “an incident in Meneage Street”.

They said: “The road is blocked with emergency vehicles.

“Please be patient whilst we resolve the situation.” 

Falmouth Packet:

The street has been closed at the top and there are more police further down, with staff at Superdrug being interviewed by officers along with members of the public. 

A police force incident manager has now confirmed to the Packet that officers were dealing with a man who had caused a disturbance. 

He said: “A man under the influence of something decided to take his clothes off and assault the staff. 

“He caused some damage and assaulted staff. 

“He’s now been arrested and is under control.”

Falmouth and Helston Police have also given an update on Twitter saying: “One male has been arrested after violently assaulting multiple people in Helston town centre.

“The male is being taken to Treliske Hospital by ambulance and escorted by police due to concerns that he has taken mixture of illegal substances.”

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