The Velvet Hands- Taking Cornwall Storm

This rebellious, bolshy quartet are reminiscent of early Strokes, The Clash and The Libertines- and music’s next big thing.

The Velvet Hands will soon be your next favourite band. They look like a gang of anarchists who have staged a riot, raided an old rocker’s wardrobe, and are now throwing a party on stage for all to watch. They sound like a group who broke free from the confides of pop anthems after discovering a Libertines CD and starting to worship Julian Casablancas.

It’s a rare listen to hear a group with such attitude and charisma, bursting with swagger, skill and creativity, who just detonate the music scene. They are also the kind of live band that look as though they’re enjoying it just as much as the audience, which is how it should be.

They are originally from St Austell, and while they’re now based in London they always make sure to play Cornwall when they tour. In February of this year they released their sophomore album Sucker Punch, mastered by John Cornfield, who’s helped put the oomph into albums by Supergrass and The Stone Roses. These Britpop influences can be heard throughout the album particularly on songs such as Meet Me in the City, while The Buzzcocks and The Clash can be heard on tracks like 40 Up 40 Down and Holiday in my Head. They have supported musical legends like Liam Gallagher in 2019, and have played both Pilton Party and Boardmasters in recent years winning them admirers from up and down the country.

The Velvet Hands are without a doubt the group the music industry needs to shake it up, with their anarchic anthems and killer riffs, and luckily enough for you they’re about to embark on a national tour this November. I advise you to grab a ticket to their gig at The Cornish Bank on 23rd November while you still can. You can purchase your tickets on either Music Glue or The Cornish Bank’s website