Changes to bus route in Falmouth due to road closures

Passengers on the 64, 64A, 65, and 65A, buses from Falmouth are being advised that certain areas along the route will be unserviceable due to road closures. 

Bus provider OTS Minibus & Coach Hire announced today that, until further notice, Oakfield Shelter, Beech Road, and Fairfield Road, will no longer be serviceable, and that other stops may be affected due to the unexpected works in the Trescobeas Estate. 

The operator apologised for the inconvenience the changes may cause passengers as well as attempting to reassure them that it was trying to get more information regarding the works from contractors. 

In an update posted to its social media page, OTS Minibus & Coach Hire said: “Due to unexpected works in the Trescobeas Estate, we are currently finding unpredictable and sporadic road closures.

“We are currently unable to serve Oakfield Shelter, Beech Road or Fairfield Road.

“This may affect other stops in the estate as the day goes on. We are trying to get more information from the works contractors.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works outside of our control.”

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